In single cell electrophysiological recording, cellular properties can be characterized in details.

(a)Current Clamp Recording

Action potential generated by depolarizing current injection from a CA1 pyramidal cell.

(b)Voltage Clamp Recording

An average sIPSCs trace recorded from a dentate gyrus granule cell.

(c)Tonic GABA Current Recording

A representative tonic GABA current trace recorded from a dentate gyrus granule cell.

Combined Patch Clamp Recording and mRNA expression profiling in Individual Neurons

This is a powerful technique to explore the causative relationship between gene expression alterations and functional ion channel changes in individual neurons. The function of receptors expressed in neurons can be characterized, and then the relative levels of expression of multiple mRNA species can be determined in the same neuron. In the left panel, the experimental paradigm is schematized. Neurons are recorded, the cytoplasm collected in the electrode, reverse transcribed, and then amplified. This probe is then used to hybridize with cDNA arrays, and the relative levels of expression of various mRNA species determined. In the right panel, actual profile data from an individual dentate granule neuron from a model 1 week post pilocarpine-induced Status Epilepticus is depicted, with a nylon phosphorimaged cDNA slot-blot and its quantitation for mRNAs encoding major neurotransmitter receptor subunits as well as mRNAs encoding transporters and housekeeping genes.