Technical approaches used in the laboratory include 1) functional epifluorescence imaging of transmembrane voltage changes in populations of neurons; 2) multiphoton and confocal imaging of intracellular calcium dynamics both in individual neurons and large populations of neurons; 3) multielectrode array recording of neuronal activation within hippocampal microcircuits; 4) transgenic labeling and gene targeting in specified subpopulations of neurons; 5) optogenetic activation and silencing of specified populations of neurons; and 6) patch clamp and extracellular recording techniques.

The Epilepsy Research Laboratories have a research focus on establishing a better understanding of the basic mechanisms of epilepsy and epileptogenesis. This effort is centered on the overarching idea that only by better understanding the fundamental, underlying determinants driving seizure disorders can we learn to better treat – and someday cure – these devastating neurologic conditions.

This section describes the principle and application of multiple dynamic imaging techniques.

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