Thorlabs B-scope with MaiTai HP / Phenosys JetBall

Thorlabs B-scope with MaiTai HP / in vivo / Electrophysiology

Thorlabs B-scope with MaiTai HP / in vitro / Electrophysiology


Nikon(Prairie)Sweptfield Confocal Microscopy equipped with EM-CCD cameras. With 512x512 EM-CCD camera, 25Hz (full frame) or 100Hz (4x4 binning) is achieved. With 128x128 EM-CCD camera, one can image at above 300Hz with reasonable signal brightness.

Olympus FV-1000 laser confocal microscopy system. This is an inverted scope for imaging live cells (cultured cells) and for fixed tissues on slides. It equips dual galvo-scanners for uncaging and photo-bleaching (FRAP) experiments. Available laser lines: 405nm(imaging), 405nm(PhotoBleaching/Uncaging), 458nm, 488nm, 515nm, 543nm, and 633nm.

VSD system. Olympus BX-51 upright microscope with Redshirt CCD camera (80x80 pixels) that is capable of imaging at 2kHz frame rate.